Двух Rust специалистов ждут в тёплой стране


Коллеги, приветствую. Не всем по нраву наступающая зима в наших широтах, но клиент из солнечного Катара готов нам помочь с этим. Организация занимается информационной безопасностью в правительственной сфере и ищет двух разработчиков на релокейт в Катар.

Связаться с нами можно написав письмо на hr@teamextension.ro , в сабже желательно указать [Rust].

Job Description

For any additional info, please contact: hr@teamextension.ro

● Develop and maintain security systems and tools.

  • Collect security requirements from security team.
  • Build system architecture and design.
  • Implement and maintain said systems.

● Maintain existing components.

  • Hardware infrastructure.
  • Elasticsearch clusters.

● Build Integrations between systems.

● Construct dashboards and data visualization interfaces.


● Understanding of the DNS protocol structure and how to identify possible threats from

DNS traffic.

● Collecting open-source threat intelligence sources and integrating them into different security solution.

● Experience with designing, building, and maintaining high performance, large scale, distributed systems.

● Solid understanding of Linux systems

● Familiarity with these programing languages:

  • Rust (strong knowledge)
  • C++/Java
  • Python (strong knowledge)
  • PHP

● Experience in developing and deploying web applications and web services

  • Laravel

● Experience in using front-end technologies

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • React JS
  • CSS

Open Source Tools:

● Elasticsearch (strong knowledge)

  • Experience with Elasticsearch; how to maintain large clusters and to how to mitigate possible failures in clusters.
  • Familiarity with Elasticsearch benchmarking and structuring Elasticsearch clusters.
  • Familiarity with Elasticsearch HTTP API.

● Kibana

  • Familiarity with Kibana dashboards and visualizations

● Message Queueing Systems

  • Experience with open-source message queueing systems; NSQ, Kafka, Redis, etc. (NSQ preferabilly)

● Mesos

  • Familiar with Apache Mesos and Marathon

For any additional info, please contact: hr@teamextension.ro