[habr] Выпуск Rust 1.29

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What’s in 1.29.1 stable

A security vulnerability was found in the standard library where if a large number was passed to str::repeat it could cause a buffer overflow after an integer overflow. If you do not call the str::repeat function you are not affected. This has been addressed by unconditionally panicking in str::repeat on integer overflow. More details about this can be found in the security announcement.

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What’s in 1.29.2 stable

This patch release introduces a workaround to a miscompilation bug introduced in Rust 1.29.0. We haven’t found the root cause of the bug yet, but it showed up after a LLVM version upgrade, and it’s caused by an optimization. We disabled that optimization until the root cause is fixed.

This release also includes the rls-preview rustup component for Windows GNU users, which wasn’t included in the 1.29.0 release due to a build failure. We also added safeguards in the release infrastructure to prevent stable and beta releases with missing components for Tier 1 platform in the future.

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