Игра "LemRunner" - смесь Леммингов и раннера

На Аметисте уже прям что-то похожее на игры делают. Это голая механика, конечно, но докинуть сюда спрайтов, эффектов - и будет вполне хорошая головоломка.


A mashup of Lemmings and an endless runner sorta thing. The camera tracks the lead creep and using an ability (lift, change direction, dash) kills them but helps their friends who are hot on their heels.

^ доступны бинари для linux/macos/win.

It’s my first foray into game dev with rust and I enjoyed working with Amethyst immensely. It was a month long game jam and I probably spent 10-15 hours in the 2 weeks before familiarising myself with Amethyst. I recon I spent 50 odd hours over the month working on the game but I didn’t track the time so it could be vastly more. It also uses nphysics but my solution for jamming it in there leaves a lot to be desired - the lerping between physics frames doesn’t always solve jerky movement issues but I ran out of steam investigating exactly why.

It’s not a finished game by any stretch but it’s a fair bit more than a getting started example. It’s not reference grade code to be sure but there’s a bunch of stuff in there that all pretty much hangs together so if it helps anyone else get started that’s a bonus :slight_smile:

Проект сделан в рамках Game Off 2018.

/r/rust обсуждение.

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