Microsoft развивает новый язык программирования на основе Rust

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Hi Ryan Levick here. Microsoft is not moving away from Rust. Verona is a research project to explore different memory safety models for systems programming. Verona is in part inspired by Rust (as well as pony and C#). It is not a fork of Rust or meant as a Rust replacement. It’s very early days in Verona’s development and hard to say what it’s future will be. The hope is to learn from Rust and if possible contribute back learnings into the language. This isn’t a zero sum game. The talk linked to in the CDNet article should hopefully clarify things. That article was very misleading.

Так что не будем спешить с выводами :wink:

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А я уж было подумал что у мелкомягких опять приступ синдрома NiH и ону у Rust нашли “фатальный недостаток”.