Томака окончательно отстраняется от игростроя

As you may have noticed, I haven’t done much work on vulkano in the past months. This is a very short post to explain the situation.

When I opened this Patreon account in July 2017, I had a very small incoming due to my small web development activities and was really in need of money. However I have since then started working at Parity and now have a stable comfortable income. While I’ve always wanted to go back to working on vulkano, glutin and winit, the truth is I don’t have the time anymore, and life has pushed me away from graphics programming in general. The more time passes, the lesser the chances that I’ll go back to these projects.

Many people have told me that they were donating to my Patreon account as a thank you for my continuous work in the Rust community (especially gamedev) since 2013, and I am therefore leaving this page open. However the amount of work I am contributing to libraries that are not related to my job has been considerably reduced. I don’t want to give you the impression that I’m scamming you, so feel free to remove your contributions if that doesn’t match your expectations.

All in all, thank you again for your support!

Блокчейны всех всасывают. :slight_smile:

UPD: ликбез - tomaka автор библиотек winit/glutin, glium, vulkano, android-rs-glue, rodio и еще много каких

Занести ему за hlua что ли

Зря он так, я ему кстати донатил. Но за блокчейн даже копейки не занесу, вотъ ><